How To Tell If You Are An Author Entrepreneur

I’m offering a course on how to become an Author Entrepreneur – Turning Your Book Idea Into a Business – and today I want to explore what that means. Do you have a creative vision, and need the business backbone to fully realize your dreams? Are you a writer who wants to build an empire behind your ideas? Then you may just be an author entrepreneur. Does any of this describe you?

You are someone who has as much business savvy as creative vision. (or someone who NEEDS as much business savvy as you have creative vision)

You live by your heart, and your goals are sweeping in their potential effect on the world.

You want to turn ideas into action – into solutions for others.

You write because you can’t NOT write.

The writing is your purpose – your point of view – your belief structure. It is the things you don’t say out loud in conversation often enough.

You are an expert, but don’t know how to turn your ideas into a business.

You have helped other build things your entire life, and now want to create something that reflects who you are. You are no longer willing to accept your identity as a job title like “Tier 2 CMS Management Support Administrator” or “Assistant Tax Manager, Transportation Division.”

You are afraid of change, but can’t help but dream about it daily.

You are tired of lofty expressions of how to build your brand – you need an in-the-trenches mastery of how to develop products from your ideas, generate revenue, and create the life you want.

You need skills that you can use throughout the rest of your life – marketing, sales, product creation, how to partner, how to grow a customer base.

You are alone, and need to build something for others, with others.

You can’t take the time go back to school to get your MBA – you have wasted enough time – you want 2011 to be the year that changed your life for the better.

These things describe certainly describe how I felt for years. I changed that. And now, I am offering you a chance to work with me to become an author entrepreneur – to turn your book idea into a business. If you have the vision, focus, passion, and desire to truly DO THE WORK that is needed to build your brand and your business, then please consider this course. Here’s an overview video:

And you can find FULL details here: