Why My Online Courses Are So Darn Expensive

I am offering two online courses this Fall, each which cost $795:

And I have to say, that’s A LOT of money. Seven hundred and ninety five dollars. I would never belittle how much money that is to an individual, how that represents precious resources for one’s career and family.


I do want to talk about why I think $795 is an INCREDIBLE VALUE for these courses. How there is so much below the surface other than lessons and homework. Okay, let’s dig in…

I charge $795 for an eight-week online course. So, what do you get for that? Here’s a peek:

  • A structured curriculum, with a new lecture delivered each week, taking you step by step through the process of how to develop your author platform.
  • Weekly homework assignments that I provide feedback on to ensure that you walk away from the course having built the core aspects of your platform.
  • A forum where you can ask questions, learn about what is and isn’t working for the other class members, and get past the biggest challenges you are facing.
  • Weekly Q&A conference calls where I answer your questions and the entire class can share insight into their experience.
  • An online classroom where you can access the material and learn about the other students, which can be accessed from anywhere with a web connection.
  • BONUS: Guest Q&A calls, where a publishing and marketing expert takes your questions.

For me, I feel that the value in my courses is two-fold:

  • The quality of material and how it is presented
  • The level of interaction to personalize the material, and how we turn ideas into action

This digs DEEP into the part of execution that is often glossed over – how we motivate ourselves to move past fear, past barriers, to truly take action.

So many of us read blog posts, read books, read Tweets – all FULL of amazing advice and tips. And yet, we still feel distant from our goals. Why? Because interaction is the key. Why do you think Weight Watchers requires you to show up at their meetings once a week? You have a scale at home, they could easily just ask you to weigh yourself and log it into a spreadsheet. But they know that losing weight is about SO MUCH MORE than just information itself. It is about being a part of something, it is about staying motivated, it is about celebration of success, and support when we encounter setbacks.

I setup my courses the same way.

We have weekly Q&A conference calls, where we discuss your successes and challenges, and you hear about (and engage with) those of other students in the class. We have guest Q&A calls where outside experts don’t present to you – they LISTEN to your challenges and goals, and give you specific advice and support on how to get where you need to be.

This is akin to a consulting relationship in many ways. For that, I charge $175 per hour. In this course, you get EIGHT WEEKS with me, and no fewer than 12 hour-long phone calls, sometimes more. This is completely in addition to the course material itself, which has gotten rave reviews in itself.

I’ve spoken at BookExpo, Writers Digest Conference, Romance Writers of America Annual Conference, AWP Conference, Digital Book World, and many other publishing and writing events. I have worked with more than 500 writers. And there is nothing I love more than working with students in these classes. I am 100% present in them – this is not an “information product” where I go on auto-pilot, delivering PDF’s once a week.

This is why the courses are $795. Because instead of $175 per hour with me, we work together for eight weeks, plus you get to meet amazing guest speakers, and work with a group of writers who will become the community that helps you reach your goals.

I know that you may not have $795 just sitting around. This is why I offer payment plans. You can pay all at once, or choose four payments of $198.75. And honestly, if you need more flexibility than that, just let me know. I am happy to work with you on that.

If you think one of these course may be for you, here is more information on each:

Here’s what others are saying about the course:

Shelly Immel"The class was an intensive learning experience. It catapulted me through what would otherwise take years to pick up in bits and pieces."
– Shelly Immel
Judith Klinger"The learning environment is supportive and attentive to individual author’s needs."
– Judith Klinger

Gabriela Pereira"Build Your Author Platform opened doors for me that I never would have imagined!"
– Gabriela Pereira
Cynthia Morris
"I made quantum leaps in solidifying my message not just for my novel, but for my whole writing career."
– Cynthia Morris

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.