What I Am Working On – Fall 2011

Sometimes I feel like even my mom doesn’t know how I spend my days. So, I thought I would share a recap of what I am working on this Fall. Also, this is a place for me to express how INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL I am to so so so many people for allowing me to be a part of these wonderful projects. Here is how I am spending my days with writers and publishers:

  • Launching my Author Entrepreneur course, which starts next week.
  • I just book two private in-person workshops for publishing clients.
  • I am teaching Blogging 101, an online course for Writer’s Digest that I have been doing for about a year now.
  • I am about to launch a new course for Writer’s Digest: Social Media 101.
  • Writing an article for Digital Book World.
  • The Fall session of my Build Your Author Platform course starts this week, I’m so excited to work with a brand new group of writers!
  • Working on TWO brand new partnerships around online courses, each focused on different markets.
  • I’m creating a webinar for Writer’s Digest.
  • I am recording new video interviews that I am SO EXCITED about. I am doing two of these a week.
  • Plus… regular client work, and discussions with some potential new publishing and writing clients.

For speaking engagements, a few things are coming up:

Okay – it feels good to write all of that out. Back to drinking some Yerba Mate, listening to some tunes, and getting to work! And of course: let me know how else I can help YOU!