Jackson Pearce Interview – Connecting To Your Fans With Video

Today, Jackson Pearce gives us an inside look at the life of a writer, and how she balances writing her books and her social media outreach to fans. She writes YA fiction including her latest book called Sweetly. She does so much to connect with her fans, including:

  • A weekly live video chat from her living room where she chats with 70+ fans
  • Two videos per week that she posts on YouTube

With 200 videos posted and more than 100,000 channel views – Jackson really shares a lot of herself with the world. My favorite quote:

“If you are going to be an author, it seems silly to not support the books online and talk to your fans when we now have the outlet to do that.”

In this interview, we dig into the following topics:

  • How being active in social media has had a “profound” effect on her career, especially the videos.
  • How she balances writing her books and connecting with her fans.
  • That being an author is a “crap shoot,” but she pursues it because she trusts herself.
  • That it took 76 rejections before she got her agent.
  • Why “Self publishing is the diet pill of publishing.” That the promise doesn’t live up to reality for YA authors.
  • And many other topics!

You can watch the full interview by clicking the play button below:

You can find Jackson in the following places:

Thanks so much to Jackson for taking the time to chat!