Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers

I’m excited to announce a brand new program I’m launching called Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers. I invite you to join me for a four-week program to create an outreach plan to find and engage your ideal audience.

What you receive in the program:

  • The Reader Connection Plan template and videos to guide you through it.
  • Direct feedback from me each week – we personalize your plan together.
  • Outreach scripts to show you exactly how it’s done.
  • Simple micro-actions to immediately get started.

I’ve helped thousands of writers develop their author platforms, launch their books, and create marketing strategies that work. The Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers program outlines the system I have developed to ensure you reach your ideal audience in a way that feels meaningful and authentic to you.

This four-week program isn’t a course where you are given too much information, then you languish by yourself to make sense of it all. Instead, this is a collaboration. You will get personalized feedback from me each week. I will walk you step-by-step through the process, and together, we establish a simple process that will supercharge your ability to connect with your ideal audience.

When you master this process, you will be miles ahead of 99% of authors out there — knowing who your ideal readers are and forging meaningful connections with them.

Too many writers spin their wheels chasing social media followers, worrying how to go viral, and searching for book marketing trends. In the end, they feel overwhelmed by everything they have been told to do, and frustrated that nothing they try seems to work.

Don’t be that person.

Instead, focus on meaningful connections to a real people. Identify who you want to reach and what resonates with them. Let me guide you through this four-week program to do exactly that.

This becomes the basis for your:

  • Author platform
  • Social media strategy
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Book launch preparation

Many writers I speak to describe themselves as introverts. They fear it prevents them from reaching readers. But being an introvert is not a liability, it is a strength. Use it to connect with readers in a way that feels natural:

  • One-to-one.
  • On your terms.
  • Focused on listening.
  • Empathetic.
  • One step at a time.

This program is 100% geared towards writers who are introverts, and connecting with readers in a manner that feels authentic to who you are.

The Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers costs $450 to join. To read more about the program and register, click here. You can also watch this video where I take you through exactly how it works: