I Need Your Help With My Podcast

I recently published three incredible interviews on my podcast:

It occurred to me that even though I started my podcast back in 2012, and have published more than 60 episodes, I never properly launched it. If you are unaware that I have a podcast, I’m not surprised. I’ve done a horrible job of marketing it.

My goal with the podcast is to celebrate writers and artists who have taken a risk to double down on their creative vision. My focus is on how people create when it means stepping outside their comfort zone.

When I think back on the podcast, I remember moments with the people I’ve interviewed:

I think of Dani Shapiro describing how writing doesn’t get easier even after success. Or Will Ackerman describing how he kept himself close to his love of music amidst multimillion dollar decisions. Or how Rebecca Green worked through creative burnout. Or how Tina Roth Eisenberg approaches potentially devastating situations.

I think about the inspiration and wisdom that they have shared with me in small moments throughout my days.

Yet the other day I realized something: I don’t remember ever saying to someone “please subscribe to my podcast!” I almost never say the full name of the podcast. It’s just something I started doing, and kept doing.

Which is ironic because so much of the work I do for writers is about marketing and branding and launching. My podcast has no shoes.

I want to correct that now because I think I can do more to celebrate the writers and artists I interview. I want their wisdom to connect with more people.

Not long ago, I moved it from a monthly schedule to weekly. That has been wonderful, because it means I get to have 4 times the amount of conversations with writers and artists who inspire me.

I’m considering changing the name of it. Right now, it’s called “Dabblers Vs. Doers.” This was the original title of a book I’m writing. But, in the process of writing it, I realized that these two things — dabbling and doing — are not always opposed to one another. So I’m considering rebranding the podcast to the working titles of two of the books I’m writing (btw: I’m writing two books):

  • From Dabbler to Doer
  • The Creative Shift

I’m wondering if you can help. Can you please give me feedback on:

  • Should I change the name of my podcast? Which do you prefer: “From Dabbler to Doer” or “The Creative Shift”?
  • Are there any guests you would like for me to interview?
  • Are their topics you want me to address in future episodes.

You can listen to the podcast where I dig into all of this by clicking ‘play’ below, or in the following places: