I am a grown man, and I take a nap every day.

I recently shared a guest post for WriterUnboxed.com that discusses the value of adding more unstructured time to your life, and the value of rest. I call these types of actions “White Space”:

White Space is a place where we discuss the possibilities of what can be; where bad habits are negated; and where we honor the need for the space in between other things in our lives. That metaphor extends from your daily schedule – to your creative process – to the nuances of the work you create.

An example I share is of my habit of daily naps. Even saying that I take naps seems like something of a confession, because I find that there is a strange fixation in our culture of a certain kind of productivity. One where you have to be “always on,” always “crushing it,” always stressed, always available, always buried by email.

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