“I was allowing people to talk instead of me.” Inside the Creative Shift of Comedian and Author Nina G

In this week’s episode of The Creative Shift podcast, I talk to comedian, author, and speaker Nina G. She walks us through the moment when she made a profound creative shift in her life:

“I was allowing people to talk instead of me. I cleaned house and started a new life.”

She was working in academia for more than 15 years, teaching at colleges. But in her mid-30s she was reminded of her childhood dream:

“I wanted to be a stand-up comic since I was 11 years old. It was my dream. For other girls in middle and high school, they were into New Kids on the Block, and I was into stand up comics.”

“As a kid, this is the one thing I had over everybody else. I wasn’t very good in school, the teachers had very low expectations of me, but I had a sophisticated palette for comedy. So I was able to accelerate there and be into something that no one else was.”

In this interview, we talk about the details of how she made that shift, how she pursued comedy, wrote her upcoming memoir, and we dig into her creative process.

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