Joe Pulizzi Interview – Why Marketers Are Now Publishers

I had a great chat with content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, discussing how individuals and brands can engage their audiences and customers by creating engaging content. Joe is the Founder of Content Marketing Institute, the media company that covers the content marketing industry. Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Why marketers should now be publishers.
  • That it is HARD to create compelling content that engages people.
  • To engage people online, you can’t be all things to all people. You have to focus on the specific needs of a specific audience.
  • Why for an author, the book is just ONE way to reach their audience.
  • That you engage people when you focus on THEIR needs, not your product or sales needs.
  • How it takes TIME to build your credibility and engage an audience online.
  • Why email is critical to reaching your audience.

…and more! Click play below to watch the full interview.

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You can find Joe in the following places:

Thank you so much to Joe for taking the time to chat!