Join me for a live Q&A chat today

Later today I will be hosting a live Q&A call – I invite you to join me. We will be talking about key solutions to finding more time and energy to do the creative work that matters most to you. I will also be answering questions about my Fearless Work course, which begins Monday. 
I would love for you to join me in this conversation. It takes place at 7pm ET tonight.
For the chat, I'm using a new service called Blab (great name, right?!) that makes it really fun and easy to participate in live conversations via your web browser. If you want, you can hop on the call with me (via video!), or you can just watch along and ask questions in the text chat. 
Sign up here to register for the live Q&A call:

It will be a one-hour conversation live with me. Bring your questions, I’d love to talk.

Thanks! Looking forward to the conversation!