Opening the doors to my Fearless Work program

I just opened the doors to my Fearless Work program! This is a 6-week online course focused on helping you find more time and energy to do the creative work that matters most to you.

Some huge things we tackle in this program:

  1. How to prioritize the actions that matter most.
  2. Key tactics to remove distractions from your life.
  3. How to say no to energy-sucking activities and yes to tasks that lead to your goals.
  4. The core connection between energy and time — and how to get more of both in your daily life.
  5. Simple productivity hacks that deliver a huge return on investment.
  6. The tools and workflow you need to better manage your days.
  7. The value of white space — unstructured creative time — and how to integrate it into your busy life.
  8. How to reduce that nagging sense of overwhelm and fear that may be holding you back.
  9. Simple ways to measure success and ensure you see incremental growth week by week, month by month.
  10. How to develop a community of supporters who love your work and help you create more of it.

I am also offering ways to stay accountable by working directly with me and my team as you move through the course. Check out full details on

Deadline to register is Friday January 29th.