Let’s Talk About Art, Money, Piracy and Drew Barrymore. My Interview With Marc Johns.

On January 29th, artist Marc Johns saw this on social media: Drew Barrymore shared a photo of her daughter wearing a jacket that had Marc’s art on it:

Marc Johns and Drew Barrymore

Amazing right? This is the type of thing that many artists dream about: a celebrity sharing their work with 8 million followers. But there was a problem. The jacket was not an officially licensed product. The company who made it stole Marc’s art. Drew didn’t know this.

I sat down and talked to Marc about this, and he shared an extremely honest account of what happened, and what he did about it. He doesn’t hold anything back, and shares how this made him consider giving up art entirely.

Luckily, this particular story has a happy ending, but I know that isn’t the case for many artists. Marc and I also talk about the complexity that all creators face when dealing with art, money, and piracy. You can watch us talk below, or listen to the podcast on iTunes.

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