Making a creative shift

Earlier this month, I quietly relaunched my podcast, sharing the stories of how successful creative professionals have made a shift in their lives and careers. The first three new episodes are now live:

Hearing their stories had me reflecting on my own journey. Seven years ago, the job I worked for nearly a decade ended. The company folded, and I was laid off. Even though we were warned about this years in advance, I never looked for a new job. Instead, the day after that job ended, around July 4, 2010, I started my own company.

It was a creative shift. And a big risk.

The month after this happened, my wife and I had our first child. Less than a year later, she chose to leave her tenured job as an art teacher to raise our son and work on her art.

Since that time, I have never felt more alive. I doubled down on my creative vision. I tried to figure out how I can best serve others with what I offer. Working from home, I have spent seemingly endless hours with my family day after day.

In the process, I have worked with hundreds of one-on-one clients. Taught dozens of courses. Run more than 10 mastermind groups. Held more than 100 live webinars. Clicked “publish” on my newsletter and blog a few hundred times. Shared thousands of updates on social media.

But most importantly: I have been present for others as they made their creative shift. These are people finding clarity in their creative work; publishing their books; launching their own careers as artists.

That has truly been an honor.

If you are considering making a creative shift in your life — to double down on your creative work, to live day to day in a way that feels closer to your creative vision and ideals, then I would encourage you to listen to the stories that KJ, Colby, and Lori share. I have many more interviews already recorded to be shared on the podcast soon.

You can find the podcast on iTunes as well.

I would love it if you would share with me: what is the creative shift you hope to create in your life?