Snow Day

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by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Yesterday was my back-to-my-brain, back-to-my-house, back-to-myself day. There was a snowstorm to wait for. The kiddo went to school for the first time in weeks. My parents and mother-in-law, who’d been in town for the birthday/ New Year’s festivities, headed for colder climes. So it was just me and my husband and our computers, enjoying the Christmas tree’s last moments, tapping away at our keyboards.

It’s amazing how taking a week off can really galvanize me. I entered Christmas with a long list and a bad attitude about all the website/ Facebook/ Goodreads stuff I needed to do (lots of boring things like: “add a buy button” and “make a new page for press”). But yesterday I sat down and just got a lot of that done, including making the Facebook page I’ve been avoiding for months and finally, finally updating my Amazon Author Page. Phew.

I had grand plans for today too, but then it was a snow day! School was closed. David cancelled his massage clients in the city. We bundled up and tromped over to Joyce Bakeshop to meet our favorite three year old for a surprise birthday cupcake. And now there’s hambone soup bubbling on the stove.


I can always attempt productivity again tomorrow.