Take Back Your Attention: Jocelyn K. Glei on Finding More Creativity and Meaning in Your Daily Work

Today I speak with writer Jocelyn K. Glei about how digital media and technology has created a crisis for many writers and artists. Their days are spent running on the treadmill of digital and social media, chained to their computers and phones, and increasingly unable to break away in order to complete bigger creative projects.

You can listen to the entire conversation by clicking ‘play’ above, or via iTunes.

We dig into the neuroscience behind why this is, and she shares a wide range of strategies and tactics to take back your attention. Some of what we cover in our chat:

  • Technology is training us to keep refreshing our social media, email, news feeds in search of “what else?” and how it defines your mindset as an addiction for something new.
  • How brain chemistry encourages us to seek random rewards, and technology manipulates that.
  • The concept of “The ethics of attention”
  • Her experience going on an “information diet” where she not only gave up her phone, but any media consumption, including books, and no digital communication . Her summation, “My phone felt like a dead object.”
  • The importance of exercising ANY kind of control over your digital media use.
  • The crisis situation of frittering away time that could otherwise be used for meaningful activity or creation.
  • Addiction to short-term rewards of digital media vs long term rewards of creating.
  • How completion bias encourages us to focus more on email and short-term goals, rather than long-term creative projects. How using physical objects can help you stay focused on a long-term creative project
  • When analog tools are superior to digital in the creative process. Why we tend to default to digital.
  • How to break the cycle of addiction to your computer/phone for creative work by decoupling specific tasks.
  • Why self-management is a challenge in a rigid office culture. How the tiniest action to take control of how you work can rub others the wrong way.
  • How the challenge to self-manage is about articulating what you are doing and why you are doing it so you can control the workflow
  • The importance of learning how to be an advocate for yourself in terms of how you work best.

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