The Business of Being a Writer, My Interview with Jane Friedman

Today I’m excited to share my interview with author and publishing expert Jane Friedman. In our discussion, we dig into the nuts and bolts on how to earn a living as a writer.

We frame the conversation around her new book, The Business of Being a Writer, which shatters romantic assumptions around publishing, but then arms you with practical advice on how to develop your career.

We dig into:

  • The dream that writers have and how it matches to reality.
  • The business side of what it is like working with agents and publishers.
  • How agents and publishers earn money (and how much they earn)
  • Why great work simply rise to the top.
  • The effort it takes to market a book and reach readers.
  • The importance to get outside of your comfort zone to ensure your book finds its audience.
  • …and so much more!

We also explore Jane’s own career path. Okay, perhaps my favorite quote from our discussion is how she expressed the challenge of selling a book in the age of distraction:

“It’s so easy to not read a book”

You can listen to the podcast by clicking ‘play’ below, or in the following places:

You can find Janes book here: The Business of Being a Writer

You can find her online in the following places: