What Great Design Teaches Us About Building an Effective Author Platform (Podcast)

So many writers strive to get more followers for their writing. Today I want to discuss how to design an experience for how you engage with your readers, and develop your author platform. One that is thoughtful, focuses on engagement, and helps you view your platform as a craft, not an obligation.

My friend Lori is renovating her home, and in the process designed this entire area for her cat’s litter box. The process was takes into account the needs of the cat and her family, the details were really intricate. I find this process fascinating, because it reminds me that the details matter. That to craft something special, it takes time and attention.

These are some lessons that I feel great design teaches us about building an effective author platform:

#1 Consider How Readers Enter Your Community.

#2 Ensure People Feel Safe.

#3 Give People a Clear Progression.

#4 Consider the Goals of your Reader.

#5 Collaboration is a Critical Part of Success.

Too often, writers and creators miss elements here. They hope to get word of mouth marketing for their books, or more newsletter subscribers, but they fail to consider critical steps of the process. How you share and connect with others is a craft. I simply want to encourage you to invest in that process, focusing less on hollow metrics like “follows” and “likes,” and more on creating a meaningful experience for you and others around what you create.

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