“What I wish I knew when I first became an author/illustrator,” with Lori Richmond

I invited author/illustrator Lori Richmond to talk about what we wish we knew when we first started in our creative careers. Both Lori and I made big creative shifts midway through life: we left safe corporate jobs to start our own companies that focus on creative work. In her case, she became a children’s author/illustrator. For me, I became a writer who also works with writers and artists.

What we share today is advice we give to people who are looking to jump to the next level in their creative work or in their businesses.

You can watch a video of our chat here:

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In the video, we mention our upcoming live workshop in New York City on July 27th: Creative Business Boost. Here you will join Lori, me, and 10 other writers and artists to:

  • Get Radical Clarity: What you create and why. You will be reinvigorated and laser focused on your creative vision.
  • Find Your True Fans: Who will love your work, why, and how to reach them.
  • Create Marketing & Sales Planning: How to market your work, package it, and promote it in a way that feels meaningful and effective.


P.S. You can find Lori here.
You can also listen to an earlier interview I did with Lori here.