What you will learn at the Creative Clarity Summit

This week is The Creative Clarity Summit, an online event focused battling distraction so that you can find the clarity to craft amazing work.

Below is the schedule and a detailed list of what you will learn at the event, but you have to register (it’s free!) to access.

Each day, three videos are released, and you have 5 days to watch them.

While doing so, I would encourage you to share what you learn, and your own challenges, via the hashtag #ClaritySummit on Twitter. I’ll be there all week, answering your questions.

Day 1 – Tuesday, January 12th

dani-011Dani Shapiro

  • The power of boundaries in creating time to write
  • One simple trick for granting yourself permission to write
  • Solid habits that lead to the habit of writing
  • Being an introvert and still managing a thriving writing career
  • Why waiting for inspiration is a fallacy

dawna-01Dawna Ballard

  • Why most people give up control of time without realizing it, and how to take it back
  • How the concept of “chronemic literacy” can reshape your daily life
  • Why the concept “balance” in terms of time management is doomed to failure
  • The false ways technology drives our perception of time

marc-01Marc Johns

  • How being smartphone-less eliminates distraction
  • Creating a bank of ideas to keep inspiration flowing
  • How Marc’s wife is his creative “secret weapon”
  • The transition from well-paid manager to work-at-home artist
  • Working from home while raising kids and supporting an artist spouse

Day 2 – Wednesday, January 13th

Jacquette M. TimmonsJacquette M. Timmons

  • The pitfalls of allowing self-worth and identity to be tied to money
  • How fear leads to poor choices about how we spend our time
  • Emotional triggers and how they affect decision-making
  • What a healthy relationship with money looks like
  • Taking control so that money doesn’t drive bad decisions

Jocelyn-01-150x150Jocelyn K. Glei

  • Impact of technology on long-term creative achievement
  • The key trait common to every successful person she has met
  • Why (and how) to plan for distraction and get control over it
  • “Holistic productivity” vs. shortcuts and hacks
  • Brain chemistry and distraction

Andrew_edit-01Andrew Warner

  • Greatness isn’t achieved through hacks and tricks
  • Why most people can’t achieve “runners high” at work
  • Breaking large tasks into smaller steps to work more efficiently
  • How moving to a remote location benefitted family and work
  • A simple cure for burnout, and developing a renewed purpose

Day 3 – Thursday, January 14th

Samantha_edit-01Samantha Hahn

  • Getting comfortable with discomfort while building a creative career
  • Values as a cornerstone for building a family AND a creative career
  • The art of serving clients and still carving out time for creative projects
  • The attitude working artists need in order to stay focused and relevant
  • The healthy habit of getting outdoors

sarah-01-150x150Sarah Bray

  • Using a job layoff as the impetus for completing a book project
  • Resisting the urge to chase after money during a career transition
  • Making room on the calendar for inspiration, opportunity, and growth
  • How managing for freedom feeds her enthusiasm for work
  • How collaboration can raise the quality of craft

Srinivas-01-150x150Srini Rao

  • Why all truly prolific creators are all driven by habit
  • Three simple evening habits for waking up ready to write
  • “Activation energy” and how it encourages creative work
  • Mental health issues and why we need to talk about them
  • Staying motivated by appreciating “small wins”

Thank you so much!