“Where is the real authentic me? Because she got lost somewhere along the way.” The Rewilding of Betsy Brockett

Betsy BrockettI’ve been asking Betsy Brockett if I could interview her for awhile now. She finally said yes. What she shared in our interview was her journey not just to create, but to find who she is. The themes that we explore about Betsy’s journey align to what so many writers and artist struggle with. What we create is wrapped up with the identity of who we are. How we share can be complicated because we may seek external validation, instead of internal fulfillment. This conversation opens it all up in a magical way.

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Betsy operates Foggy Blossom Farm with her husband Dan. You can find them at https://foggyblossomfarm.com, on Instagram at @foggyblossomfarm, and on YouTube.