Photo Recap of Digital Book World, 2012

I just got back from Digital Book World, which directly followed Writer’s Digest Conference (photo recap here) at the Sheraton in New York City.

Digital Book World

I ran a workshop on the first day, 3 hours focused on Content Strategy ROI:
Digital Book World

(photo by Ron Hogan)

The conference was packed, I believe more than 1200 attendees:
Digital Book World

One of the panels looking at what publishers can learn from the romance market:
Digital Book World

Even with great programming and sessions, the best parts of the conference can still happen in hallways like this, meeting up with old friends and making new ones:
Digital Book World

1,500 boxed lunches:
Digital Book World

One of my favorite panels, where Simon Lipskar of Writers House lead a discussion on the changing author/publisher relationship:
Digital Book World

The hottest commodity in the venue: electrical outlets:
Digital Book World

I really enjoyed the event. You can find an in-depth recap here:

Thanks so much to F+W Media for putting on such a great event!

Photo Recap of Writer’s Digest Conference, 2012

I just finished an incredible couple of days mingling with writers at Writer’s Digest Conference, 2012.

As usual, the event takes place in New York City, home of tall buildings:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

The calm before the storm:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

A first look at the crowd, about 400 writers in attendance:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

The keynote by A.J. Jacobs, sharing his amusing experiences writing about his life:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

A common appearance: laptops, iPads, and mobile phones, all taking notes:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

We got a bit of snow on Saturday, but nothing like what we received during the 2011 conference:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

And there were moments of sunshine:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

My session at the event: “Becoming an Author Entrepreneur”
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Me speaking:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

George Davis covers Christina Katz session:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

James Scott Bell’s session on craft was literally standing room only:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Writers Digest Conference 2012

Some authors were selling and signing their wares. I picked up Barry Eisler’s book, as well as Christina Katz’:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Christina Katz signing her book:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Barry Eisler gave the keynote on Saturday, a very honest look at not just his views on publishing, but the revenue streams that support it:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

The crowd around Barry after his talk:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

The lineup for the Pitch Slam, where authors get something like 3 minutes to pitch agents with their book idea:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Agents waiting for writers:

Writers Digest Conference 2012

The floodgates are unleashed:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

And the lineups begin:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

My wife and son joined me at the venue. He is not yet writing:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

A night on the town with friends from the publishing world. New York lights even make slush look romantic:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Writer’s Digests’ own Phil Sexton introduce a panel I was on called “Hardcore Author Marketing”
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Kate Travers answering a question from the audience:
Writers Digest Conference 2012

Overall, a really great event. Thank you so much to the organizers, speakers, and everyone who attended!

Upcoming Speaking Events

In the next week, I am excited to be a part of three major events for writers and publishers:

  • Writer’s Digest Conference – I am presenting this session: “Becoming an Author Entrepreneur: The Business of Being a Writer and Building Your Platform” and on the “Hardcore Author Marketing – What to Do to Rise Above in the Digital Age” panel.
  • Digital Book World – I am running a 3-hour workshop titled “Measuring Content Strategy ROI: What, Why and How to Present It”
  • Columbia School of Journalism Social Media Weekend – I am participating as a “social media doctor,” and moderating a panel with employees from Mashable titled: “Mashable’s Secrets: What we can learn from one of the largest online news communities.”

Other upcoming speaking events include:

So excited for these events, and will likely speak at other events for publishers and writers.




Join Me For The Social Media Weekend At Columbia School of Journalism, Jan 27-29

If you are near New York City at the end of January, and at all interested in social media, I highly recommend this event: the Social Media Weekend, organized by the Columbia School of Journalism.

I will be involved in the event in two ways:

  • Moderating this session: Mashable’s Secrets: What we can learn from one of the largest online news communities.
  • Serving as a “Social Media Doctor,” providing hands-on assistance with social media for anyone who attends.

And of course, I will be taking in the AMAZING speakers and attendees that show up. Here is a highlight of some of the speakers & sessions:

  • Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) investor in many of the biggest social networks, who writes an incredible blog at
  • An 1.5 hour session from the folks at Facebook.
  • Eric Carvin (@EricCarvin), the new social media editor of the Associated Press with Erica Anderson (@EricaAmerica), Twitter’s manager for news & journalism.
  • A session from Google, where they will be conducting live one of the first public “Hangout On Air” – a new type of Google Hangout.
  • The Mashable session

And there is SO MUCH MORE! There are so many other sessions with amazing folks who are leveraging social media. Check out the full schedule here.

Tickets are still available, but my feeling is they won’t be for much longer. They cost $50 for Friday, and $100 each for Saturday and Sunday. or, $200 for the weekend.

Full details here:

Thanks so much to Columbia’s Sree Sreenivasan (@sree) for organizing such a cool event, and for allowing me to be a part of it. If you are curious about what last year’s Social Media Weekend was like, check out some great photos here.


Announcing: Build Your Author Platform, Winter 2012

I am thrilled to announce the Winter 2012 edition of my 8-week online course for writers: BUILD YOUR AUTHOR PLATFORM. This is an intensive course that helps you establish your writing career and grow your audience.


What This Course Provides:

  • A cohesive strategy for creating your brand as an author – to build your author platform.
  • Specific tactics to grow your audience.
  • A framework to focus your efforts with clear goals and actionable steps to reach them.
  • How to best communicate what your work is about in a way that it aligns to the existing needs and desires of your audience.
  • Ways to find and engage a community of people who will become your fans.
  • How to create the online elements of your author platform, such as a website and blog.
  • Tips to best leverage and manage social media.

I have also lined up INCREDIBLE guest speakers, including:

Guest Speakers


Structure of the Course

The course is designed to balance flexibility and a personal connection:

  • 8 week online course, February 1 – March 27, 2012
  • A structured curriculum, with a new lecture delivered each week, taking you step by step through the process of how to develop your author platform.
  • Weekly homework assignments that I provide feedback on to ensure that you walk away from the course having built the core aspects of your platform.
  • A forum where you can ask questions, learn about what is and isn’t working for the other class members, and get past the biggest challenges you are facing.
  • Weekly Q&A conference calls where I answer your questions and the entire class can share insight into their experience.
  • An online classroom where you can access the material and learn about the other students, which can be accessed from anywhere with a web connection.

The course costs $799, and you can read full details here.


Free Webinar!

If you are even mildly interested, please consider joining me on Thursday January 26th at 1pm ET for a free webinar: Why You Need An Author Platform. Register for it here:


If you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks!