“How do you get a book to continue to sell? You continue to talk about it.” My Interview with Jessica Lahey

Jessica LaheyIn today’s episode, New York Times bestselling author Jessica Lahey takes us behind the scenes to how she promotes a book. She gets into the details about the hundreds of letters she sends out; the importance of gift-giving and thank you notes; why she hired a publicist; the surprising answer she gave to a “massive philanthropist” when he asked how he can support her work; and so much more! What permeates through every aspect of her methodology is generosity and the personal touch.

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Her books: The Addiction Inoculation and The Gift of Failure
Her podcast: #amwriting
Twitter: @jesslahey
Instagram: @teacherlahey

You can find our first interview from August 2019 here.

And in our interview, she referenced this series of posts about the launch of her first book: part 1, part 2, and part 3.