“I had so much creativity waiting to come out.” My Interview Emma Gannon

Emma GannonEmma Gannon is an author and host of the podcast Ctrl Alt Delete. She shares her journey to becoming a writer, and what it is like to switch to writing novels after a successful nonfiction career. Along the way, she was “rejected once a day” from magazines she submitted work to, only to find people loved her writing that she shared on her blog. She explains how that platform grew into an amazing career, and how she manages her time in order to write novels, nonfiction, host her podcast, and so much more!

You can listen to the podcast by clicking ‘play’ below, or in the following places:

You can find Emma in the following places:
Her podcsat: Ctrl Alt Delete
Twitter: @emmagannon
Her Novel, Olive
Her nonfiction books: Sabotage and The Multi-Hyphen Method